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Standardbred Horses For Sale

Our database contains thousands of ads showing horses for sale, lease and standing at stud from around the world. At the request of our visitors, we designed this page to help people who are looking for Standardbred horses for sale.

We currently have 113 Standardbred horses for sale. These ads along with the rest of the database are updated constantly as new ads are placed and sold horses are removed. Hundreds of brand new ads are placed here every week from all over the world.

Feel free to look around. It costs nothing to search, view and respond to the ads here. Most ads have the horse's bloodlines and detailed information for you to see. Below are a few Standardbred ads. To see more, use our advanced search.

Sweet MacGregor   "Handsome and Sweet--Rides and Drives" Sweet MacGregor Sweet MacGregor
Parsonsfield , Maine
Foal Date: March 2002
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $2500
Sweet MacGregor is a 7 year old Standardbred gelding. Mac stands 17 hands. ...more
Tahuya Buttercup   "Mare w/ Sweet & Loving Disposition" Tahuya Buttercup Tahuya Buttercup
Tonasket , Washington
Foal Date: April 2000
Breed: Standardbred
SOLD $2500
Buttercup is an 8 1/2 year old mare with a 2 month old baby, she is dark ba ...more
Charlie   "Standardbred,Great for the biginner driver" Charlie Charlie
Stony Creek , New York
Foal Date: April 1985
Breed: Standardbred
SOLD $1.00
I purchased Charlie with the intent on him teaching me to drive, well PS, I ...more
Pip's Polly   "Great Trail Horse" Pip Pip
Novato , California
Foal Date: March 1997
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $3500
Polly is a great trail horse with a very sweet personality. On trail ride ...more
What About Me   "Standardbreds & Thoroughbreds for Adoption" What About Me What About Me
Laura , Ohio
Foal Date: January 2001
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $200
We have dozens of high quality, sound, well mannered former racehorses avai ...more
Dolly   "Friendly horse that wants some love!" Dolly Dolly
Freehold , New Jersey
Foal Date: April 1993
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $1200
Dolly is super friendly and gentle. She is great with kids. Dolly is gree ...more
Jasmine   "Nice Sound Trail Horse Smooth Ride Great Buy" Jasmine Jasmine
Appleton , Wisconsin
Foal Date: January 1992
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $950
As sweet as they come, this nice little mare rode all last summer on trails ...more
Desired Results   "Pretty Standardbred Mare!!" Desired ResultsTEXT AD
Rocklin , California
Foal Date: April 2005
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $2800
Shiloh   "Retiring School Horse - light riding/companion" ShilohTEXT AD
Woodville , Ontario
Foal Date: January 1994
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $1000
Festus   "This horse is FAST and BROKE!! SAFE FOR ANYONE!!!" FestusTEXT AD
West Liberty , Kentucky
Foal Date: January 2006
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $2500
Mano   "a very fast horse" ManoTEXT AD
Campti , Louisiana
Foal Date: January 2006
Breed: Standardbred
For Sale $1500




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