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Ad# TR16111

1997 2 Horse WW BP Trailer 6'6" Tack under Manger

Year 1997 Manufacturer WW Capacity 2 Horses
Price $1900  SOLD Condition Good Body Type Steel
Pull Type Bumper Pull Axles 2 Load Method Straight Load Step
City Harrison State Michigan Area Code 989
Trailer Features
() Tack Room () Rear Tack () Living Quarters
() Swing Tack () Air Conditioning () Dressing Room
Horse Trailer Details
:Removable divider, tack under manger, good floor, rubber mats, a little faded, slight surface rust but very sturdy, safe, and easy to hook-up, haul or back-up. Both of my horses fit fine (15.2 and 14.2 fat boy). It is 6'6" tall inside.
Contact Info
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Name: Kim Martin Phone # SOLD

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