How to Trailer Your Horse the Safe Way

horse trailer

Trailer Your Horse

Horse trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take into consideration the size of your horse(s) and how far you will be traveling with them when you are searching for a new trailer.


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Allow your horse to get used to the trailer a few weeks in advance of taking him somewhere. This helps to calm and relax him. A horse that walks into a dark unfamiliar trailer that resembles a cave and then feels it is motion beneath him will not be very happy or calm when you arrive at your destination. Show your love and concern for your horse by giving him the assurance he needs. This means to get him to use to a surrounding that he is not familiar with as of yet.


To start with, consider the trailer entrance. A trailer entrance acts as a ramp and can be not quite the same as another trailer entrance. The reason behind why you should consider this is on the grounds that horse has their very own inclinations on how they will enter the trailer. One approach to realizing your horse preference is to have the horse test diverse ramps. To make things simpler, request advice from people who have horse trailers.


Consider lighting. There ought to be sufficient measure of light inside since horses are especially apprehensive about the dull and dark. If you’re acquainted with how your horse adapts in dark, you can utilize that information when choosing the best trailer.

You should not disregard appropriate ventilation. Without this, the horse will never need to stroll into the trailer. What’s more awful is that the trailer can turn out to be quite hot and smelling awful inside.

Horse trailers can be equipped with lots of things and a wise idea would be to suspend a hay net close so that your horse can have a nourishing snack throughout the trip. This is especially important if the trip is to be a long one. Make sure that the hay net is within reach of the horse’s mouth but not so close that he is likely to get his neck or his mane entangled in it and then injure himself trying to get out of it.

Horses need to be transported in horse trailers that are designed and arranged with them in mind as opposed to the people who care for them. Make sure you carefully inspect the inside of the trailer to ensure that your horse could not get hurt on anything at all, especially if he gets restless. This includes any holes, cracks or splinters. Make sure that all breast and tail bars, as well as partitions, are padded to allow for the comfort of the horse or horses.

Despite your best efforts, you may have horses that are reluctant to enter the trailer and they may require a little bit of encouragement. Horse trailers that have a light colored interior, as opposed to a darker one, tend to be more inviting to horses. Another option that makes a great deal of sense is to install battery operated lights in the interior of the trailer. These can often be purchased for a low cost. Before transporting your horses anywhere, double-check your insurance policy to find out if they are covered while they are being taken from one location to another.

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