Useful Tips When Buying a Horse for the First Time


First Time Buyers

Horse riding is the favorite moment for many people around the world. This is true for both children and adults. Some people are so enthusiastic about this activity that they choose to buy personal horses. This gives them the comfort of enjoying their favorite step time at will and without hassles. At first, glance, buying a horse may sound like a very simple adventure. However, there is more to buying these animals than giving money and getting a horse in return. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a horse for a beginner.

horse running
It is highly recommended to have a physical encounter with a horse before buying it. This is the surest way to ensure that you get value for your money. A physical encounter means that you really see the horse in its usual environment. From this, an enthusiastic buyer can get a lot of information about the general condition of the horse, which the seller may not have been willing to divulge. It is even better if you can ride the horse before making the most important payment. Something more or less like the “driving test” before buying a car from a dealer.

Sometimes, however, a physical encounter may not be possible due to one reason or another. So, what happens in such a case? It may be convenient for the buyer in such a situation to request pictures of the horse he is trying to buy. In this way, it is possible to know what type of horse is investing your money.

If the seller can get videos of the horse, the better. There is more reliability in a video than a photo. However, the videos or photos must be examined thoroughly to detect any anomalies with the animal. In this era of the Internet, it should be very easy to share photos or videos no matter where the parties involved in the world are.

When making plans to buy the horse, you should always keep in mind the purpose of buying the horse. This is the largest single factor that determines the type of horse that will be purchased. In simple terms, you can not buy a pony and hope to take it for the annual horse racing championship to compete with the stallions. A horse would make the cut if you were looking for a horse for the children.

Running Horse

A common mistake that horse buyers can make is choosing to make their purchase at an auction. Perhaps this is due to the relatively lower prices that are offered. It is very easy for a horse to be drugged to look healthy in an auction. The buyer may not even come close to noticing this in the auction. It only becomes apparent after the effect of the drug disappears. An auction does not allow enough time for shoppers to scrutinize the horse they are about to buy and may end up receiving unfair treatment. An auction is definitely not the way to go anymore for people who have no previous experience in buying a horse.

There is also the issue of age that you should always keep in mind before buying a horse. It goes without saying that an older horse will have less vigor than a younger one. Age determines to a large extent what the horse can do and what it can not do. However, this should not be interpreted as giving preference to younger horses. Many times, in fact, the best horses are usually the oldest and most mature.

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