Ways to Effectively Market and Sell Your Horse


Tips For Selling

Selling a horse is an emotional process. However, when this needs to be done, it must be done correctly. If you need to sell your horse, but never before, it can seem overwhelming.


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The following are the 10 Ways to effectively market and sell your horse:

Come up with a reasonable Price
The best way to determine a fair price for your horse is to verify which horses are sold in your area. Be sure to consider your age, results, training, experience, and specialties when setting the price.

Take high-quality photos
Before you can market your horse, you should take quality photos. You will attract much more interest when your photos are clear, crisp and attractive. In the picture, your horse should look towards the camera with its ears up or stand or jog with an elegant rider. Above all, make sure your photos are not blurry.

Describe clearly the characteristics of your horse
When people look for horses to sell, they want to get all the information they can at a glance. Describe correctly and methodically each of the main attributes of your horse. Include information such as age, sex, weight, height, color, and race. Indicate any special training the horse has received and the type of rider that adapts to the characteristics of your horse. Highlight the most unique points of sale of your horse.


Spread the word
There are many ways for people to know that you have a horse for sale. Start online by publishing your ad on the websites of horse lovers. There are also many free online advertising opportunities, such as Craigslist.

Places for sale
You can talk to your friends about your horse or pony, create brochures and market your products online. Online marketing will give you the most serious and important audience.

Time in the market
There is a strong correlation between the price you establish and the time needed to sell your horse. Do some research to find out what your horse really is. Even if you rely on the value, you must observe the state of the market.

The facts about the horse
This objective information is the first filter used by people to exclude their horse. When you sell your horse, be sure to communicate all the information about your horse when communicating with buyers.

If you want to be found in a price search and be taken seriously, you should seriously consider placing a reasonable sale price on all ads. Not offering a price leaves a big question mark to the minimum buyers.

The sale of a horse also requires a bit of intuition. Deciding to sell your horse can be a difficult time, especially if you fear that the horse will go to a good home. You should consult your horse as accurately as possible and any training your horse has done will add value.

Advertise the sale
Selling a horse requires a little patience and you will have to correctly advertise the sale to obtain the maximum coverage for your sale. First impressions go very far, so you should make sure that your horse is always well presented when you present it to an interested party.

Do not market too early
If your horse is under saddle, ask a question. Can the average buyer ride his horse realistically? You may think so, but sometimes, especially with a younger horse, the answer is no. If this is the case, consider training the horse more before starting to market.

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