What Is the Best Horse Breed for a Beginner Rider?


For The Beginner

Horse riding has for the longest time been used for sports, transportation, and recreational purposes and it’s surely an activity that promises unlimited fun for those who are passionate about horse riding.


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It is very crucial for a beginner to have an instructor or a coach to correct mistakes you may be making, offer advice to ensure your safety and comfortability.

Another key factor you should consider as a beginner is choosing the best horse breed to get you started as this will help you gain sufficient knowledge and skills needed. But this is not always an easy task as many people often wonder if at all there is a specific breed of horses for beginners.

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Well, there is no absolutely perfect horse breed for a beginner but some are preferred more suitable than others. Beginners should go for breeds that are even-tempered, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that all horses of a particular breed are suitable.


The following are some breeds of horses for beginners.


American Quarter Horse

This breed is often referred to as a cow or as a ranch horse. American Quarter has been known to provide a great mount for beginners. They have great intelligence and have a high ability to learn things at a fast rate hence are unlikely to cause a stampede.


Irish Sport Horse

This breed is a cross between thoroughbred and dwarf horses. This breed gives a beginner a calm, energetic and focused mount. Its recommended for novice riders because of the energy that matches with that of the growing rider.


Percheron Horse

It’s a French breed and because of their quiet nature and a great charm of their own, they are highly recommended for beginners. With this breed, you can expect a lot from jumping to dressage.


Shetland Pony Horse

This horse breed is used for driving and is normally short and strong. Because of their size, they make great mounts for beginners.

Their calm temperaments and short stature give beginners some sense of safety on them in the saddle as they ride.


Tennessee Walking Horse

This breed is particularly known for its easy and smooth gaits combined with a calm and friendly nature making it the most decided breed for beginners. Tennessee Walking Horse is very versatile and serves in nearly all sports such as saddle seat, dressage, endurance, and jumping.


Thoroughbred Horse

This breed is gentle in nature and as its name suggests they are good looking and very masculine. For beginners preferring this breed must take an expert alongside them in order to be guided and advised accordingly.


In conclusion, experienced horses that are tolerant to loud noises, children, other horses, wildlife and moving vehicles are more important for a beginning rider as they provide an easy and calm mount.

When finding a horse for a start off consider your goals and look for one that matches them. For instance, a beginner who is passionate about jumping should look for a horse experienced in jumping.

From the given horse breeds above I am very positive, you will be in a position to choose carefully what suits you best as you start off this great adventure.


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